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Why is Cold Brewing Better?


Cold Brewing is a method of brewing that has recently gained popularity. Coarse ground coffee is steeped in water for 12-24 hours, resulting in a rich concentrate that has deep, complex flavor. Cold brew concentrate can be diluted and enjoyed black, or with any creamer or flavoring. Coffee brewed cold is delicious hot - just add water to taste and warm on the stove-top or in the microwave.

Less Acidic and Smooth, Rich Taste

One of the best reasons to cold brew coffee has to do with health. Acid associated with hot brewing is greatly reduced using the cold brewing method. The bitter compounds that usually result during the hot brewing process are eliminated. Not only is this beneficial for your stomach lining, but it also reduces acid reflux and other potentially undesirable digestive effects. And it just tastes better. Cold brewed coffee is mellow, smooth, and on the sweet side, when you use the right ground or whole bean coffee. 

Cold Brew Coffee Retains Freshness

Another advantage of cold brewing is that you can make a lot of coffee at once, and keep it to enjoy for 7-10 days. The taste is as good as when it was first brewed, without the added time of grinding and brewing each morning.