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Our Story

This is a Oregonian love story. A tale of two hard working people - one a retail merchandising executive, and the other a tech-savvy Internet security manager - both with a vision of finding great tasting cold brewed coffee.

Cold brewing began as a hobby for us. We couldn't find much guidance about what kinds of coffees to buy, so we started scribbling tasting notes for each type of coffee we used and attached them to a cork board in our home office. Then we began gifting coffee to each other, and the jars in our fridge multiplied. Soon after, we found ourselves explaining the process and giving recommendations to people at parties, baseball games, and school events. We wished that we could send friends to a one-stop cold brew shop to teach them how to make it, and recommend great coffee for cold brewing so they could have a good experience the very first time.

Finding the Best Ground Coffee for Cold Brewing

Although any type of ground coffee can be used to cold brew, some are much better than others. When we started cold brewing ourselves, we learned by trial and error. For example, we find that blends - not single origin coffees - produce the best taste and aroma for beginners. Lighter roasts are generally not as good. We bought, and wasted, a lot of coffee.

Cold Brew Kitchen is Born

Cold Brew Kitchen is the result of many years of love, debate, testing and working with suppliers to find amazing coffee for you to cold brew. You'll also find cold brewing accessories, specialty foods, and other products made by local artisans that we can't wait to share. 

Our goal is to spread the love of home cold brewing by sourcing great tasting coffee blends, and giving back along the way - to our community in Oregon, to the farmers, and to the South American communities where are coffees are sourced. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Jackie and Mike

Cold Brew Kitchen | Medford, Oregon