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Eight Reasons to Try Cold Brewing your own Coffee Today

1. IT'S SO EASY. Easier than making coffee in a pot. You can prepare once, or use a whole bag of ground coffee (our preference). One time and you're done for the week.

2. It's ready when you wake up. 

3. Cold brewing will replace your morning iced latte at the coffee shop. We can almost guarantee this will happen - cold brewed coffee tastes so good, you won't go back to espresso shots poured over ice. Ever. You'll save money.

4. Less acid = better for your stomach. 

5. Cold brewed coffee doesn't have to be served cold. It can easily be thrown into the microwave or warmed on the stove for a more traditional cup. 

6. It can be made with caffeine or without. Coldbrewkitchen's Decaf version is a great option for those who prefer no caffeine.

7. It tastes better - trust us. Try it.

8. You don't need a home cold brewing system to begin, just start with a Mason jar, a filter, and coffee. If you love it, then invest in a Toddy or other home cold brew system. If you're ready to explore home brewing systems, here are some options:

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